<aside> 💡 Welcome to Step 2! Next we will walk you though our tips for writing a great bio. This is a unique feature on the Student Profile. It allows you to get a little more personal and touch on your background, interests, and aspirations.


<aside> ❓ What's a student bio? This is a brief overview about you that will be included in your Launch student profile. We believe that people are more than just their resume items, and the bios are meant to provide a more full picture of who you are to our company partners. Past company partners have told us that they love these and they are helpful when considering candidates for their positions.


Let's get started. 👇

What to include

When you're done, your student bio should be about 6-7 sentences that touch on who you are, what you're interested in, and why you're interested in those things. Use the questions below as a starting point. You don't need to answer all of them in your student bio, but these are areas that a strong bio will touch on.


Please read these examples and be sure to read through the commented sections before starting your own bio.

👉 This is the style & tone we're looking for with the bios, so aim to be aligned with these examples in your own writing without copying lines word for word - your bio should be genuine to you.

🖋️ Last note before you get started: please write at least 6-8 sentences for your first draft bio! We can help you narrow things back down when our team reviews your bio & resume content. It is super helpful for us to have more info to work with than less.

Example 1

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, John has studied classical piano since he was just five years old, so it makes sense that he wants to see how one could apply data science techniques to create better music algorithms. In fact, John would love to use his skills to develop improved predictive models for music platforms that could help users find new music they love or help smaller artists get their songs out to the right ears.

An Economics and Statistics double major, John is looking forward to honing his skills in Data Science this summer and is especially interested in digging deeper into machine learning. Despite a busy schedule, he still finds time to take piano lessons and play in ensembles.